Facts of interest

Electric energy

Energy consumption in homes increases 2,2% every year

This increase, as a result of our improved lifestyle, higher demands for comfort, and the increasing number of new homes, will result in a 33% increase in home energy consumption by the year 2010 over the consumption rates of 1995.

The most significant increase can be attributed to increased demand for heating, hot water and electrical appliances. Also, while at the beginning of the 1990s, homes with central heating represented only 27% of the total energy expenditure, in 1998 the percentage was 40%, and the prediction was that it would continue increasing, as it has.

Electricity consumption is growing equally rapidly, at an average of 2.6% annually because, among other reasons, homes are equipped with an ever-increasing number of electrical appliances.

In addition to what are considered a primary necessity, such as was the refrigerator and the washing machine, the television has now been added to the list (1.4 per family), and an endless number of appliances such as the microwave, the clothes dryer, and the computer to mention some of the most common. Other control mechanisms which increase consumption are also proliferating in our homes.

Equally important are the thermal uses of electricity required, for example, by the heat accumulators (night storage heaters) and vitroceramic hobs in the kitchen.

Finally, another reason indicating increased energy consumption is the increased number of new homes requiring energy. In 1975 there were 9.3 million and at present there are almost 13 million. In the year 2010 it is calculated that there will be 14.5 million homes in Spain.