how much does it cost?

Electric energy

  • To fry an egg costs 0,02€ if the cooker is electric and about 0,01€ if the appliance is operated with natural gas.
  • Having a five-minute shower costs between 0.39€ and 0.54€, if the water heater is electric, and between 0,25€ and 0,30€ if it is natural gas.
  • The ideal temperature of a home is reached with 20 degrees.
  • Ironing for an hour,depending on the iron, can cost in the neighborhood of 0,15€.
  • A normal cycle of the washing machinehas a cost of nearly 0,27€.
  • One hour of electrical heating costs between 0,36€ and 0,51€, and the same hour of heating, if the source is natural gas, will cost between 0,24€ and 0.30.
  • Using the television for one hour can cost between 0,03€ and 0,06€, depending on the television.

In all of these cases, one must keep in mind that the average prices have been estimated, and in many cases depend on the established rate, the type of appliance and its technical characteristics. In the case of heating, for example, the orientation of the house, whether the windows are double or single glazed, the quality of the insulation, etc., will affect the total cost.

You also must bear in mind that temperature requirements differ from one individual to another; when one person feels comfortable at a given temperature, another might be cold.