Practical advice

Electric energy

Some practical advice about electricity

We must keep in mind a series of recommendations so as to not experience problems with electricity:

Our environment is full of electrical systems.


Do not touch any electric object with wet hands, with bare feet or when you have just come out of the bath.


Periodically check for proper functioning of the differentials by pressing the check button. If the electricity does not cut off when you press this button, call an electrician as soon as possible to have it changed.

Ground connection

Check that all appliances have a ground or earth connection, because if there is no ground connection, one runs the risk of electric shock which, on occasion, may be fatal.

Multiple sockets

Multiple sockets (electrical adaptors), must not be installed under any circumstances, because such connections usually exceed the ampere rating for which they are prepared and they become the main source of problems and fire threats.


It is important to maintain the electric installations in perfect condition, industrial as well as domestic, to prevent or avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary frustrations.