BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA ELECTRICIDAD, S.L. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA”), in compliance with the rules currently in force in the matter of protection of personal data (Organic Law 15/1999 dated 13 December) and the regulations governing information society services and electronic commerce (Act 34/2002 dated 11 July), wish to draw your attention to these general conditions of use which apply to all transactions (enquiries, submission of employment applications, etc.) conducted through the www.bahiasdebizkaia.comwebsite.

1. Legal particulars

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA ELECTRICIDAD, S.L., with registered office at c/ Punta Ceballos N° 8, 48508 Zierbena; tax registration number: B-48969877, registered in the Bilbao Companies Register under Volume 3666, Book 0, Folio 163, Sheet BI-21779, 17th entry, and BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA GAS, S.L., with registered office at c/ Punta Ceballos N° 2, 48508 Zierbena; tax registration number B-48969885, registered in the Bilbao Companies Register under Volume 3666, Book 0, Folio 145, Sheet BI-21780, 16th entry.

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA ELECTRICIDAD, S.L. is the owner of domain, which is duly registered in the Bilbao Companies Register in accordance with the provisions of Act 34/2002 dated 11 July

2. Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights to the website, together with the full contents thereof, are the property of BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA.

It is strictly prohibited to make any changes to this page. BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA accepts no liability which may derive from any unauthorised manipulation or changes hereto. BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA grants no licence or authorisation of use of any kind on its industrial and intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to the website, services or contents.

Copying the contents of this website, either partly or fully, without quoting their origin or requesting explicit authorisation to do so, is prohibited. Unauthorised use of the information contained in this website and any damages caused to the intellectual or industrial property rights of BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA will give rise to the appropriate action and, where applicable, to claims for any liability deriving from such action.

3. Conditions of use

This website has been created by BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA to provide information personally to users and is free of charge.

a) Lawful use

Any person using this website and its services is under the obligation to use it in accordance with the provisions of law and the rules of use in commerce, and will refrain from using the website or its services for any unlawful purpose or effect, in any manner which may damage the rights or interests of third parties or may damage, render unusable, overload or deteriorate the website or prevent users from regularly using and enjoying the web and its services. Any person breaching this obligation shall be liable to BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA and to third parties for any damages caused by such breach.

b) Error guarantee

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA does not guarantee the non existence of errors in access to the website or in its contents; if any publications of an official nature are quoted or copied on the website, the quotes or copying of such publications shall be considered as merely informative, and the valid publication shall be the one originally published in the relevant gazette or by the appropriate official source.

c) Availability of service

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA reserves the authority, at any time and without the need for prior notice, to amend and update the information contained in its website, the configuration of the website itself or the way in which it is displayed.

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA does not guarantee the availability and operating continuity of the website or the services. Whenever reasonably possible, prior warning will be given of any interruptions in the operability of the web or to the services.

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA excludes any liability for damages of any nature which may be due to the lack of availability or operating continuity of the web or the services, to any disappointment on the part of users who feel that the usefulness of the web or the services has not met their expectations, to fallibility of the web and the services and, in particular, although not exclusively, to any faults in access to the various pages of the web or to those pages from which services are provided.

4. Responsibility for use of information contained

The user is aware and voluntarily accepts that use of the website, services and contents is under the user’s sole, exclusive responsibility. Both access to the website and any use made of the information it contains are the sole responsibility of the person doing so. BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA accepts no liability for any consequences or damages which may derive from the access or use described above, or for the way in which such access or use may be employed for the purposes of supporting any personal or business opinion or decision. BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA accepts no liability for connection to or the contents of any third party links referred to on the website.

5. Protection of Personal Data

In the event that access to any of the BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA pages or services requires the provision of personal data, pleased be advised that such data will be treated in accordance with current rules on the Protection of Personal Data and other applicable regulations. Any particulars provided will be stored in an automated file for personal data, which has been duly registered in the General Register for the Protection of Personal Data.

BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA complies with the current provisions of law in matters of data protection and follows the administrative and technical procedures required in order to guarantee the security of any personal data compiled.

Where required, the privacy policy adopted by BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA guarantees users the possibility of exercising their rights to access, amend, cancel or oppose their personal data. This may be done by ordinary mail addressed to BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA, Apdo. Correos N° 10, 48580 Abanto-Zierbena, or by email to:

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Independently of any particular user’s legal environment, use of this website is governed by Spanish law. Any dispute arising in the construction of these conditions shall be settled in the courts of the place where BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA’s business activities are located.

If you provide us with your email address, it is understood that you consent to it being used in sending any communications related to the services provided by BAHÍA DE BIZKAIA.